🗞️For News Agencies

OurGov's tools are a natural fit for news reporters and producers. Take a look at a few of our user stories below for ideas.

Quickly Find Subject Matter Experts

With our bill tagging technology, our product allows you to find the representatives that most (and least) closely associate with a given topic. We base this data not on their public comments, but their actual bill sponsorship.

Now, you can save the hours calling from office to office, getting the runaround of who to talk to.

Data, at your fingertips

Use our easy-to-understand filtering tools to:

  • find bills relating to the topic at hand

  • determine how many passed, failed, or were vetoed

  • identify who sponsored which.

Data you can feel confident in

OurGov is used not only by non-profit and private enterprises, but by legislators and their teams. Our data is derived directly from government databases, undergoes the strictest of testing so that you can feel comfortable sourcing OurGov in your reporting.

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