Tracking Your Hours

Tracking lobbying hours is a time consuming, but important (required!), part of your role as a legislative advocate.

We have done work to make it as easy as possible to capture the hours you're working, and even support a 15 minute reminder to log your time (while on the site):

Logging Time

Logging your time in OurGov is incredibly easy. Select the "Log hours" button in the top right of the page to open the "Log your hours" form:

Select the lobbying principal(s) you want to log for (yes we support logging to multiple principals at once), and then use the "quick select" time buttons to modify the hours logged.

For more detailed information on our Hours Logging functionality, check out some of these blog posts:

Viewing Logged Time

To view, print off, or download your logged time for a given principal/month, navigate to the "hours" page:

  1. Select your avatar icon in the site header, and in the dropdown, select "My Hours".

  2. Here, you'll see all of the hours for a given month, which you can filter to a particular principal and then download.

Complying with Regulatory Agencies

We support uploading / automatically filing with various regulatory bodies (contact us if another body is needed), including the Ethics Commission through our Hours Importer plugin for Chrome.

You can also download your hours as a Comma Separated Values (.csv, Excel) file and submit that to a local organization.

Refer to the Youtube video at the top of this page for more information on how to automatically import your hours with a local regulatory body.

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