Managing Individual Clients

If you're a for-hire lobbying firm, one of the complexities you undertake is managing the interests of varied and numerous clients.

We've detailed two options below for you to better manage your different client's interests.

Using Tags to Represent Clients

Recommended Approach For organizations actively working with clients and coordinating lobbying efforts before formally registering activity, we recommend using the approach detailed below.

The way we recommend tracking and managing client interests is via the use of private tags.

To do this:

  1. First, create a tag for each of your clients (in our example, we'll use the Wisconsin Nurses Association). Make sure this tag is private.

  2. Subscribe to your tag.

  3. Next, navigate to a bill your client cares about:

  4. Click the "Assign Tag" button, and select the clients you'd like to associate to a bill:

  5. You should associate every bill your client cares about with the Wisconsin Nurses Association tag.

✔️ And that's it, you're all done!

Read more about tags here.

Subscribing to Principal Activity

We recommend using this option if you solely want to track your activity with governing bodies, or desire to track the registered lobbying activity of principals that you don't actively manage.

When you register a client's lobbying activity (or interest) with the government, our system will automatically pick up that lobbying activity and link your activity to a client:

Read more about subscribing to lobbying principals at the resource below:

Upcoming Development

Under Development

This is an area we're actively exploring additional development solutions, and will share more at a later date.

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