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Your Home Feed

Types of Feeds

Imagine your home feed as similar to that of your Facebook feed. It holds all of the recent updates of the things you care about.
Except we only show you content you actually care about. There are three type of feeds:
My Feed
Shows events on bills that you have subscribed to. Filters out bills that your coworkers follow, and any tasks that aren't assigned to you.
My Org
Shows all of the events on bills that you or any of your coworkers are following.
My Gov
Shows all of the events on any bill in your current context.

Feed Events

Your feed is composed of different types of events. You can choose to enable/disable these as you see fit.
Event Type
Bill Event
Bill events reflect all legislative activity of bills that show on your feed. The bills that show on your feed depend on your subscriptions and the feed filter you've chosen.
Blog Post
Blog events reflect newly authored blog posts on our blog.
Lobbying Activity
Lobbying activity reflects all new or updated lobbying position registrations relating to the bills in your feed.
Task events reflect tasks assigned to you (or a member of your team, depending on your type of feed.