Survey Clients

Get feedback on upcoming or newly introduced bills.


A common aspect of lobbying or performing policy research is communicating to clients the ramifications of a proposal and getting feedback on different key parts.

We move this work out of email and into bill pages is with our surveying functionality.

Creating a survey

Note: Only OurGov Premium users can create surveys.

To create a survey:

  1. Navigate to any bill page, like 2023 Assembly Bill 6. You'll see a new section for surveys, and a Create a new survey button.

  2. Select the button and name your survey.

  3. Add your questions, reordering them as you see fit.

  4. Send invitations to your clients. Each new client you create will be saved for reuse later.

    1. Note: Clients you send the survey results will see the aggregate responses of the other clients who received the same survey. To avoid sharing response information across client organizations, you'll need to create multiple surveys.

Taking a survey

Your clients will be able to take the survey through a unique link sent to them via email.

Viewing results

As clients fill out your survey, you'll be notified of their responses via email. Navigate back to the bill's page to see the results:

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