🙋‍♂️Is OurGov right for us?

You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be everything to somebody. ~Trent Shelton

We feel OurGov is a great product & priced fairly, and hope that many organizations share that belief. But we're not going to be everything to everyone, and so want to identify gaps that may be dealbreakers for your organization.

🤷‍♀️ What We Lack

If any of the following are true for your organization, you may want to search for other vendors:

  1. You require legislative notifications from all 50 states, local municipalities, or countries outside the U.S.A. We are focused on building a tool specifically tailored to Wisconsin organizations, with ambitions of expanding tailored solutions elsewhere.

  2. You require call tracking and other constituent management tools. We do not currently plan to grow into the space for constituent management--namely tools that manage population.

  3. You require consulting services or editorials We consider ourselves a technology partner, but never want to encroach on the work our customers do. Advocating on policy is what we want to help you do better, but we never intend to act as a lobbying agent.

💪 Where We Excel

Our Data

Most organizations, like Engagifii, Plural, and others, use one of two data sources:

This means they all share the same data. The only thing that's different is the look and feel of their websites. They took this route because it's easy. You can even see how the code works here.

Our data has been built from the ground up against various government sites. We impart far more meaning to the data returned. For instance, Open States can show you a list of events for Wisconsin's 2021 Assembly Bill 1:

But they just scrape the text from the clerks. And, there's more than 100 actions associated with this bill, so good luck identifying the signal through the noise.

We have solved this problem using our sophisticated, custom-built algorithms to identify what's a public hearing, an amendment introduction, and other important events that you can filter in or out of view:

Our Relationships

Another area we pride ourselves in is our relationships. We've never lost a customer, and don't intend to. Every one of our customers is important to us, and when we sign a contract with you, we aim to support you to success in your endeavors.

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